Ginger is a wonderful, warm spice with many culinary and medicinal uses. A must for the holidays when it comes to gingerbread and ginger cookies, it is also a key ingredient in many Asian cuisines. But it is also widely used for its ability to settle upset stomachs and its anti-inflammatory properties.

Nothing beats the sweet and spicy flavor and aroma of fresh ginger, but for those who simply can’t use up their ginger root before it goes bad, drying ginger is a perfect way to make it last. The fragrance and potency of freshly ground ginger powder blows the store-bought version out of the water.

Dehydrated Ginger

Made from good quality Fresh Ginger for its real pungency. Produced in an automatic machine under a hygienic condition. A real taste of ginger with its 100% purity

Dehydrated Ginger Powder

Dry ginger is the one spice you must have at hand to keep you in fine health. A must-have in every Pantry. Dry ginger powder has warming properties and improves the cardiovascular system, keeps your respiratory system in tune, increases appetite, aids digestion and also serves as a detoxifying agent. Store in cool and dry place, avoid using wet spoon to handle this product.

Product Description

We specialize in making Dehydrated Ginger Powder. We are using the best quality of Ginger for making dehydrated ginger powder.

It is a fine off white powder, which has a strong fragrance and slightly spicy flavor.

Ginger Powder is helpful as medicine, especially in the winter season.

We are dehydrating ginger at a low temperature that keeps its nutrients value active and makes powder fresh.

It is totally free from harmful chemicals, artificial color or flavor.


Dried Ginger Powder can be used in curries and marinades.

It can be used as in baking, cooking or sprinkles on a spicy snack.

It’s fragrant can be used in place of a vast variety of recipes like baked, stir fry and a common seasoning for vegetable and fruits salad.

Dehydrated Ginger Powder has too many health benefits also.


Dry Ginger Powder gives healing in Cough and Cold. 

It has benefits for removing excess gas and stomach infection.

Dehydrated Ginger Powder prevents Asthma, Cancer and controls Diabetes.

It is also helpful in getting relief from menstrual pain, morning sickness controlling cholesterol and blood pressure.

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    Dehydrated Ginger
    Dehydrated Ginger Powder