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Owing To Our Vast Experience And Expertise In Dehydrated Vegetables, we have been able to present an extensive range of Dehydrated Red Onion products along with another dehydrated vegetables.


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Years of expertise brought Imexcom Export to be committed to producing the finest premium quality performance products, making us the first choice!

100% PURE

100% Guaranteed Pesticide and chemical residues free with backward integration to farm and 100% Chemical free production process


Our products are Chemical residue-free with Zero Sulphites and chlorates free We provide 100% purity in our products.


Post-production storage and the FIFO concept brings always with freshness to the product throughout the year


We are sincerely dedicated to our customer’s� concerns, hence we promise to solve your concerns or get back to you around the clock. We are here to serve you.


All dehydrated products are hygienically packaged with the help of our technically advanced packaging machine.

Nation’s top-notch manufacturer and supplier of dehydrated onions, dehydrated garlic, and other dehydrated vegetables and spices. With a motto to deliver significant and qualitative dehydrated food items to customers

Core Features

Finest Quality Of Dehydrated Vegetables


Dehydration of vegetables by sun-drying is the oldest known method. Now modern air drying techniques have been developed for dehydration of vegetables. In this process, the moisture of the fresh vegetable is reduced to less than 5% and this intern reduced microbial activity. The dehydrated vegetables have a rehydration ratio of 1:4 and once rehydrated the physical properties are similar to fresh vegetables.

Dehydrated vegetables are a great ingredient in all food & beverage application. Our dehydrated veggies can be enjoyed at any time. Dehydrated vegetables are lightweight and easy to cook so that they make a perfect ingredient your food.

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